Welcome to the third largest party in voter registration in the United States today: the Constitution Party! With members in all 50 states, the Constitution Party is growing stronger and bigger all the time! According to recent surveys, almost 30% of voters are registered as "Independents." Quite a large number of these people are joining the Constitution Party for many good reasons:                  
                    * We are the only party that is 100% Pro-Life                  
                    * We support 2nd Amendment Rights
                    * We stand for limited government
* We are supporting the abolishment of the IRS
                    * We support parents in the private education of their children
                    * plus much more!

Here in Rhode Island, steps are being taken to introduce the state to the Constitution Party.  Men and women of deep convictions established this beautiful state: Roger Williams, John Clarke, Isaac Touro, and Anne Hutchinson. If these brave ones were here today, they too would be proclaiming: 

                             "Principle Over Politics"

Are you, dear Rhode Islander, a person of "principle"? If your answer is "yes," then I personally invite you to become an active member of the Constitution Party of Rhode Island.

With Blessings to You and Your Family,
Monique LeMaire, Chairperson